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Geography Links


Cultural Atlas - county profiles

Mapping - skills and interactive sites

Shaping a Nation - eBook - 11 chapters plus index

Early Stage 1 and Stage 1

Meeting Needs - general needs and wants, clothing, food, water, shelter, multimedia and interactive sites

My Community - books to print, includes community workers

Transport - air, land, sea and space -includes general information and planes, hot air balloons, helicopters, kiteboarding, Blimps, trains, cars, bikes, motorcycles, ferries, submarines, sailing ships, gondolas, canal boats, steamboats, oceanliners, space station, private space companies, future spacecraft design, future transport (concepts), Teachers' info and interactive/games sites

Weather - Aboriginal perspective, Australian weather, maps & symbols, Scootle, Interactive Weather, Multimedia

Stage 2 and Stage 3

Antarctica - overview of Antarctica,  environmental issues, explorers, animals, virtual tour, ebook, videos & webcams, maps, journals, diaries, jobs, copyright-free images and a 1 hr documentary.

Australia, You're Standing in It - about Australia, Disasters in Australia, Landforms and Landmarks, National Parks, Park Rangers, Primary industries, habitats, and multimedia

Local Communities - Moorebank, Liverpool, Aboriginies in the community, interactive mapping, and local government

Natural Features of Australia - Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, Facts about natural features, Overview of Australian Natural Features, Natural Features Defined and vocab

Natural Disasters (Australia & World) - Natural disasters general information, natural disasters Australian, Aboriginal fire management, international and Australian aid organisations, interactive games, Specific natural disasters: bushfires, floods, landslides, severe weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones, sinkholes, tsunamis, tornadoes. Tectonic plates

Rainforests - Rainforest general information, Countries with rainforests, Animals, Australian rainforests, Multimedia, Photos, Aboriginal perspective, Teachers information and 3 video clips

Rivers (Murry-Darling Basin) - Murray-Darling Basin, Aboriginal Perspective and history, Water Cycle, formation of rivers, famous rivers, videos and a game