Nuwarra Public School

Excellence, Innovation, Opportunity

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About our school

Nuwarra Public School currently has over 500 students enrolled. This includes 18 mainstream and 8 Special Education Classes (5 Hearing Support and 3 Autism IO/IM).

The core values of Nuwarra Public School are an acceptance of difference and a movement from tolerance to understanding. This is accomplished within a safe, nurturing environment emphasising the importance of respect, cooperation and the recognition of every student's right to equitable access to the curriculum.

Nuwarra is an active member of the Moorebank Community of Schools. Our school has a diverse population comprised of students from many cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our school supports PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) taking a proactive approach to behaviour by explicitly teaching behavioural expectations in all school settings

Nuwarra Public School offers a balanced approach to school life. We value participation while striving for excellence. As life-long learners, staff and students actively embrace the integration of technology across the curriculum.

Nuwarra Public School - Excellence. Innovation. Opportunity.





Updated March 2024

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