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Road safety

Nuwarra Public school welcomes safe and careful drivers

The roads that form the perimeter of the school define our school zone, which has a speed limit of 40km/hr during the times 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM in the mornings and 2:30 PM  to 4:00 PM in the afternoons. During these peak times, the local area carries a large amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The main entrance to the school is in McKay Avenue which has a bus bay and a pedestrian crossing. When travelling in or near these areas, please be vigilant in looking out for children either walking or riding bicycles/scooters. At times visibility can be impaired by a heavy traffic flow and movement of pedestrians can sometimes be unpredictable.

Please  support the school and student safety by carefully observing all signage.

'No Parking' Signs

You must not park on a road or in an area where there is a "No Parking' sign. This may be all the time or at certain times, as shown by the sign.

You can stop for less than 2 minutes if you stay within 3m of your vehicle if you're:

  • dropping off or picking up passengers
  • loading or unloading items.

Pedestrian safety

Children should be encouraged to stop, look, listen and think before crossing roads. Very young pedestrians need to have their hand held while walking in areas near traffic flow.

Passenger Safety

All passengers need to be secure whilst in a moving vehicle. Children entering cars need to fasten their seat belt prior to the vehicle moving out from the kerb. Children should always use the rear passenger door to enter and alight from cars. This will avoid them stepping out into traffic flow.

Students using taxis

A number of students require the use of taxis for transportation to and from school. Taxis are permitted to enter the school grounds in order to pick up and set down students. Please be aware that general traffic is  not permitted within school grounds - driveways must be kept clear at all times to allow for the movement of taxis and utility vehicles.

Disabled parking

Any area set aside for parking by disabled drivers must be kept clear unless the driver has an authorization permit to use the space.

School Traffic Controller

The pedestrian crossing in Maddecks Avenue  has a traffic controller in attendance during peak times. The traffic controller's role is to support pedestrian and driver safety by regulating and managing the movement of traffic.

Safety on Wheels

Students who ride bicycles and scooters to and from school will need to wear an approved helmet - well fitting and correctly adjusted. Naturally they will need to exercise due care by riding at a safe speed for their surroundings and looking out for pedestrians. Bicycles and scooters should be well maintained and safe to ride.


Pedestrian safety can be seriously compromised by poor visibility. Contributing factors can be inclement weather, heavy traffic flow, heavy vehicles and cars illegally parked (especially double parking). Please drive carefully and safely at all times


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