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Homework is an educational activity that is viewed as an important element of a student's progress at school. We believe that homework is an appropriate school experience to further develop organisational skills and study habits as well as furthering the home/school partnership.

School Implementation

  • Homework is given to all students K-6. Homework is not compulsory in K-2 (DET guidelines), however, it is encouraged. Home reading is particularly important for a student's reading development. Homework enhances student learning and assists in developing organisational skills.

  • Homework is related directly to classroom experiences.

  • Homework is expected to be completed each week.

  • Specific homework procedure for each class will be outlined to parents at the beginning of each year in parent/teacher meetings or in class information sheets.

  • Time allocation of homework recognises that children need time to play and enjoy leisure and physical activities outside school. 

Teacher Expectations

  • Parents support teachers in the completion of homework

  • Parents communicate with teachers if there are any problems.

  • Students complete homework independently, however, family members may give guidance but are not to complete the homework.

  • Parents are to provide homework books.

Parent Expectations

  • Homework is regular and given at the beginning of each week, or, in some cases, later in the week, but completion time is four nights.

  • Homework is marked and feedback is given to the child.

  • Homework expectations, including any research assignments, are clearly defined.