Nuwarra Public School

Excellence, Innovation, Opportunity

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From the Principal


Nuwara Public School opened in 1974 and built the reputation of being one of the leading schools in our community.

Nuwarra Public School is proud to be public and proud to be quite unique in character. We deliver learning programs that cater for all student needs from those with learning disabilities to students who have high potential or are gifted. We have Support Classes that cater for the learning and social needs of neurodiverse students and those with hearing impairments. We truly are a strong learning community.

Academics are a strong focus and yet we promote the whole development of students in the school and place emphasis on sporting and cultural programs. Physical fitness is a priority with many opportunities for students to develop in this area.

Nuwarra Public School has a strong and proud sporting history, and we balance this with extra-curricular activities such as dance groups and choirs. We also offer activities such as debating and public speaking.

We are committed as a staff to providing a quality education for all students.  We care about students, and we want them to succeed.

Education is important and we only get one chance to provide those strong foundations. When they start their early education at Nuwarra Public School, they have a great chance for future success!


Nuwarra Public School

Excellence. Innovation. Opportunity.

Mr Reg Corney (Principal)





Updated March 2024