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COGS - Machines S2



     Stage 2 COGS - Movement and Sound Energy



                                                                    (Formally known as Machines)


 Movement and Sound Energy Renewable Energy
1. The machine shop
2.Robot Constructor
Channel 4 (UK)
3. Simple Machines
by class 3X  Teachertube 3:18
4. Construction Site
Excavator, bulldozer, and dump truck.   YouTube video 3:35
5. Robot Unicycle
Youtube video 0:28

6. Murata Boy, the Robot that can Ride Bicycles
YouTube video 3:28
7. Toy Dump Truck
YouTube video 1:15
8. Side Loading the Lowboy
YouTube video
9. Hyundai Construction Equipment
Youtube video 9mins

10. Tennis Ball Factory Machine
YouTube video 5:15min
11.Volvo Construction Equipment History
YouTube video 8min
12.Anashan Steelworks
YouTube video 2:56min
13.Duluth Steelworks
YouTube video


14.Rolling Steel
YouTube video 3min
15.Coke Ovens
YouTube video 3:51 mins
16.Inside a steel plant
YouTube video :36 secs
17.Simple Machines
Jackie Myers
18.Simple Machines for Kids
Helping Do it Yourselfers since 1999
19.Simple Machines
20. Simple Machines
The Franklin Institute

21. Nationwide Lifts




1. Big machines dancing
YouTube video 2:32min
2. Cool Machine Dance
YouTube video 3:10min
3. Funky Jazz Dance Choreography
YouTube video 1:40min
4. Bruce Ykanji freestyle
YouTube video 1:17min
5.Evolution of Dance
YouTube video 6:00min

6. Thriller (original)
YouTube video 4:26
7.Michael Jackson Thriller (Final Fantasy)
YouTube video 1:36min
8. You Can't Stop the Beat (Jazz Dance)
YouTube video 3:21min
9. T-Mobile Liverpool Station
YouTube video 2:41

10. Stomp the Yard- Final Dance (Battle)
You Tube 6:56
11. Stomp Amimation
Daily Motion 1:35
12. Dance Studio Choreography: Hip Hop
YouTube 4:14
13. Sean and John Tap  Dancing to Chris Brown
Youtube 3:15


Sound Words
(onomatopoeic words)

1. Examples of  Onomatopoeia
author unknown

2. Onomatopoetic Words
Worsley School



1.Moving Toys
Deborah Muirhead

2.A Simple Cam
3.Lever and Linkage
4. Automata
South Devon
5. Paper Animations
Flying Pig
6. Moving Toys

7.Identify the Sounds Game
Magic School Bus
8. Science of Sound
(NASAconnect) Youtube video 5:05
9. What is Sound?
Youtube National Institute on Deafness  video 0:38
10. Science of Sound
IT Scotland
11. What is up with Noises? (The Science and Mathematics of Sound, Frequency, and Pitch)
YouTube video 12:49
12. Your Ears
Kids Health
13.Changing Sounds

14. Physics of Sound
Foss Web
16.How Loud is Too Loud
nih science education
18.Vibrations and the ear
nih science education
19. Ocean Odessy!
Engineering Interact
20. String Telephone
Wonders of our world
Ohio State University
21. Sound Experiments
Wonders of our world
Ohio State University

1. Electricity in our lives
Engineering Interact
2.Electricity in our lives-questions
Engineering Interact
3.Electricity in our lives-the real deal
Engineering Interact
4.Energy Quest
energy California
5.Physical Phenomena
(Stage 3 links)
6.Powering On
(Stage 2 links)
7. Solar House
8.Energy from the sun : design a Solar Cooker
9.Fuel Cells
National Geographic video 2:39min
10. 100% renewable energy in Australia in only 10 years - no carbon tax
Melbourne University YouTube video 4:30min
11. Australia: Australia-Clean Energy Superpower by 2050
Energy Matters
12. Windmills in Australia
YouTube video 4:06min
13. UK and Australia invention for magnetig motor free energy generator
YouTube video 1:28min
14. The Australian Magnet Energy invention Available Today
YouTube  2:59
15.Renewable Energy
YouTube video 3:27min
16.Hydroelectricity - China
National Geographic video 4:17min

17. Geothermal Energy in Iceland
YouTube video 6:42min
18. Renewable Energy Sources - Biofuel
YouTube video 6:54min
19.Renewable Energy in Portugal - Wave Power, Wind Power, Solar
YouTube video 4:30min
20.Energy Conservation
National Geographic video 3:02min
21. Newfoundland & Labrador: Innovation in Renewable Energy
YouTube video 9:40min
Smart Notebook Human body as a Machine Nonrenewable Energy  
1. Movement and Energy
Det click the tab COGS and scroll down to download the file.

2. Sound
Det click the tab Science and Technology and scroll down to download the file.



1. Human Body Ultimate Machine Videos
(13 videos average running time about 4min) Discovery Channel

2. Human Brain controls robot YouTube video 3:33min

3. Incredible Human Machine-knowledge of muscle & bone movement
YouTube video 1;09min

4. Incredible Human pushing the limits of strength part 1
YouTube video 10:58min

5. Incredible Human Machine - pushing the limits of strength part 2
YouTube video 10:58min

6. Incredible Human Machine-pushing the limits of strength part 3
YouTube video 10:58min

7. Incredible Human Machine-pushing the limits of strength part 4
YouTube video 10.38min
8. Levers in the Human Body
Dynamic Science



1.Let's Make it Go - backyard

2. Lets Make it Go - Kitchen

3. Energy Chains



1. Zip-zap punk Fx by Margaret Dodd
National Gallery of Australia Federation and Society 1901 - 2001

2. Bridal Holden by Margaret Dodd
National Gallery of Australia Federation and Society 1901 - 2001

3. Holden with lipstick surfboards
by Margaret Dodd
National Gallery of Australia Federation and Society 1901 - 2001

4. How to Draw Sea Animals
Buzz's Honey Bust

5. Learn How to Draw Sea Animals

6. Drawings of Sea Animals
Dibujos Para Pintar

7. How to draw a cartoon train
How to draw funny cartoons

8. How to draw a Steam Train
Luke Taylor-Clarke

9. Learn How to draw cars

10. Transportation Colouring Pages